What is ABSA

The Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) represents building and design professionals who offer specialist skills in assessing the ecological impact of our built environment.

Assessors use sophisticated programs to analyse buildings' environmental performance and offer practical advise on cost-effective ways to improve:

ABSA works closely with the NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources who have developed BASIX. ABSA assessors are accredited to calculate the energy loads needed in the Thermal Comfort section of the BASIX certificate.

This Assessment is carried out by inputting your house design into a computer based software package. Thermal Performance Assessment can only be carried out by an Accredited Assessor.

An ABSA Assessor will provide you with a stamped ABSA Certificate which is required by Councils to be lodged with your Development Application (DA), and stamp your plans. In the event that your design does not meet the required minimum standard your Assessor may suggest some alternatives to improve the performance of your house, in order to achieve this minimum energy performance standard.

The GreenSmart Concept

GreenSmart is a practical approach to building that focuses on educating builders, designers, product manufacturers and consumers about the benefits of environmentally responsible housing. GreenSmart is an industry-driven initiative that aims to encourage a mainstream application of its principles to today's housing.

GreenSmart Village homes are a showcase of environmentally sustainable housing design. The main goals are:

Benefits of a GreenSmart home include lower energy and water bills, a warmer house in winter, a cooler house in summer, great soil for beautiful gardens and, as more than half the waste from the building process has been recycled, the environment has been helped even before occupation.

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Building the GreenSmart Way involves:

Improving Energy Efficiency

Improving Water Efficiency

Waste Management and Recycling

Improving Overall Site Management

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